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CashSolve, solution de prévisions de trésorerie

The CASH SOLVE solution

CASHSOLVE.NET is a web platform dedicated to cash flow planning, designed to enhance cash visibility.
Small and mid caps – Group Subsidiaries – Multi-nationals


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Rolling and frequently updated cashflow forecasts

You are not limited, neither by the number, nor by the frequency of your forecasts updating. Enter a dynamic forecasting process : upload new management data, adjust your hypotheses, analyze and take the right decisions on updated data.

A reliable and strong cash forecasting model

No more worries about formula errors or any other conception problem due to your spreadsheet ! Your platform does the job by itself : cash rules application, VAT calculation, financing simulations, debt factoring, balance sheet . Focus on your numbers, results and hypotheses. Adapt the model to your changing needs.

Powerful Analysis And Reporting Capacities

Thanks to its advanced business intelligence features, Cashsolve allows you to quickly identify ,analyze and justify your cash forecasts deviations You also gain visibility over you cash generation a wide library of states and KPI, customizable and exportable” par “through a wide range of reports and KPIs, all of them customizable and exportable.

A Single & Auditable Referential

The solution ensures perfect consistency of your cash flow forecast with financial, accounting and business management data. Auditability is achieved through the traceability of all data, from their import or entry, through their processing, to their return.

Modelize your cash forecasts


Small and mid cap companies- Multinationals

CASH MODELING is a powerful web solution for simulation, consolidation and financial planning, designed toto :
– automate, secure and increase reliability of your cash flow, financing and balance sheet forecasts
– measure the CASH performance of your business
– monitor your working capital, financial ratios and covenants

Improve your Cash visibility, by updating your forecasts as often as necessary.
Reconcile “direct and indirect Method”
Your treasurers, financial controllers and accountants share and work out the same data through a collaborative platform and their statements loop back automatically.
Remove complexity and rely on your cash flow forecasts, thanks to the advanced features of the tool.
Simulate the impact on your cash and net debt, of strategic decisions: acquisition projects, disposals of financial market fluctuations, or payment negotiations with customers and suppliers …

Gain agility and productivity by standardizing and automating your internal processes.

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« Having a good understanding of our cash flow has allowed us to identify and activate the most cash-generating levers. With Cash Modeling, time saving is evident, added value is strong and present in multiple management processes. From the first fiscal year, the payback is achieved by obtaining a clear and detailed vision of the Group’s cash generation. »
Clément Letourneux, Director of Finance and Treasury, user of CASHSOLVE solution

Automate the collection of cashflow forecasts from your subsidiaries


Mid-cap companies –– Multinationals with numerous subsidiaries using decentralized management

Cash Reporting is a web solution which allows collecting and consolidating actual and forecasted cash flows from subsidiaries.
Manage, simply and easily, the actual and budgeted cash and indebtedness reporting of all your subsidiaries.
Streamline your process eliminating constraints : Data Collection time, interco-reconciliation, multi-currency conversions, changes in the scope of consolidation
Spread out a cash culture: using process workflows, built-in learning materials, that guide users
Analyze the data : A wide range of contributing and comparative reports, analytical and graphical drills, allow you to analyse differences, according to the axis, granularity and time horizon of your choice.

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« With Cash REporting, I achieved greater reliability and agility , and I don’t waste time any longer on Excel . I can combine actual or forecast data, consolidated or by entity, currency, or by project. The solution is useful to both Treasurers and Financial Departments, to improve cash performance. »
L.Van Ooteghem, Cash Controller, Groupe Reydel Automotive