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The Company

Our strategy as a publisher: to anticipate the market and our customers’ requirements!

Responsiveness, Quality and Commitment

ACA’s history

ACA (Artaud, Courthéoux & Associés) is the story of a rapidly-growing company in a constantly changing environment.

Founded in 1989, ACA provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for the complete redesign of their information systems. As a software publisher, we meet our customers’ desire for comprehensiveness and functional upgradability while ensuring the stability and robustness of our solutions.

ACA is also about the people who work here.

For each of its solutions, ACA has dedicated teams of technical and functional experts who are widely recognised in their sector. They provide high-level training and share their experience acquired in the field with you. ACA’s teams are all focused on delivering customer satisfaction by providing consulting, training and support services throughout the engagement lifecycle.

ACA is fully owned by its management team and is seen as a trusted, long-term partner to its customers.

ACA has the following two growth imperatives:

Controlled growth: ensuring the growth of its solutions in line with our customers’ requirements and challenges. ACA is now an essential provider in the software market for key accounts and SMEs/SMIs. By major transformations such as the acquisition of the Cross-Data base technologies company (Dex solution in 2011), the acquisition of the Alsyon company (Thetys suite in 2014) and the sale of the SAP business in 2015, ACA has been able to consolidate the wide array of solutions and services proposed to our customers into an SaaS offer. This technology enables us to be responsive and adaptable to our customers’ needs and to adapt to the changes brought by specific needs.

This demands genuine expertise, requiring us to deliver very high-quality levels of service provision and maintenance.

Innovating both in our services and our solutions!

Our values

The values promoted by the ACA team are those of operational and business expertise and are founded on:


Involvement and the competence of the ACA teams.


Quality of the solutions and services, and the degree of satisfaction of our customers.


The commitment made to respect your constraints and meet your technical and business challenges

ACA attaches particularly high importance to the quality of its services and its solutions.

The service approach is at the heart of the ACA strategy with our customers’ satisfaction as the prime objective. This translates into close proximity to our customers in order to harvest, respond to and even anticipate their requirements.
Our customers are our best calling card and most are very happy to communicate about our experience and our joint projects.

Our experience, the stability and quality of our teams and the mastery of the projects and challenges for which we offer services enable us to make strong commitments to our customers on costs, leadtimes, deliverables and the performance of our solutions…

Our partners

“When two forces unite, their efficiency double”, Isaac Newton

ACA pursues a gradual, indirect and targeted strategy with the creation of a network of top level partners – integrators, consultants and software publishers – to aid and support prospective and existing clients. Exchanges are becoming increasingly common every year and serve to foster relations based on our businesses.

Mutual alliances make us stronger. ACA is committed to an outgoing strategy, which can be seen in its use of global communications based on action which enhances ACA’s visibility and that of its partners and by significant support in the sales, implementation and support processes.

Attentiveness, Dynamism and Partnership!