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The Company

ACA is a Software Solution SaaS company!

ACA has over 30 years’ Experience serving 350 Customers

Our businesses


ISIE, accounting interpreter, generalised interface, management of accounting and financial flows

ISIE, a solution for managing inter-application flows, leader in the field of accounting translation and interpretation. ISIE’s architecture is one of pertinent optimisation of exchanges and provides a comprehensive response to the requirement for reworking and mastery of accounting charts, traceability requirements, and compliance with new accounting standards: IAS/IFRS, Basel II, Sarbanes Oxley and LOLF (Finance Act) for the public sector.

ALEX, technical platform management.

Software suite offering a set of application architecture tools for information systems. ALEX is used in house to develop all ACA’s application solutions. The solution has an assortment of structuring application bricks for the development of in-house applications and to support existing applications: security management, tables manager, spooler, development tools.


Financial function

The THETYS suite is highly regarded in the field of cash management, financial flow security and bank madates. Thétys provides the treasurer with all the functionalities necessary to optimise his/her daily work:

THETYS MANDAT SEPA to manage your mandates and associated SDD direct debits.
THETYS TRESORERIE to optimise your cashflow requirements.
THETYS PAYMENT to standardise the process of all your payments and protect banking communication the Cheques module.
THETYS POUVOIRS to manage bank mandates of all your company’s accounts, irrespective of its size and structure.

Structuring and securing a unique process of secure cheque issuance, regardless of the banks you use.

Insurance business:

ASSUREX CONTRATS, management of personal and collective life, and health and accident insurance policies.
ASSUREX RENTES, management of annuities contracts.
Press/media business:
STAR, commercial management for the media.
Rigour, Professionalism and Transparency!

Our Areas of Activity


Improving the management of your company’s flows, meeting regulatory requirements, the industry and services market is a world with a multitude of companies differing in terms of size, sector of activity and structure. These companies share the same objectives of growth, adaptability, sustainability and their level of competitiveness is a major challenge supported by the information system where the integration of quality data is essential and supports the business process.

Supporting all types of industrial and service companies to ensure the reliability and coherence of their Information Systems:


The banking sector is perpetually changing with new regulations (IFRS 9, etc.), mergers between various networks, traceability and transparency requirements and the need to reply “swiftly and correctly” to customers’ and partners’ demands.

ACA solutions for the banking and financial services sector enable companies to meet the challenges:


The insurance market faces significant and structural challenges. The main challenges are the concentration of the sector, changing distribution methods, competition and regulatory pressure, increasing use of technology, and changes in the players, with convergence of the insurance, banking and financial markets.

ACA’s solutions for the insurance sector enable companies to respond to the issues and challenges:


The Media industry is experiencing increasingly radical transformation. It is now impossible to speak of the press alone, as the press market has developed into a much more diversified world, the Media. Reading these days involves all the distribution channels, including papers, mobile devices, tablets, TV screens and radio. The challenge for newspapers is to be present on as many channels as possible. Supporting this transformation means successfully meeting major technological challenges. ACA has achieved this in adapting its STAR commercial offer to the market

ACA’s solutions for the media sector provide a response to the issues and challenges:


The French public sector is currently undergoing great change. It has been forced to rationalise management and to increase budgetary rigour and at te same time freed from certain constraints, It must now develop continuously to adapt to the changes in the economic environment (introduction of competition, partial privatisation, etc.). There is a great deal of work in progress, some of which involves the complete redesign of the information system and, in particular, the replacement of their management tool, poorly adapted to the new challenges and technically obsolete in parts.

ACA’s solutions for the public sector provide a response to the issues and challenges: