EAI: Managing Data
flows between applications

Dex Services


Customers ACA, contact your support via your usual platform.
For any other information, contact +33(0)1 53 53 80 57


The software is documented in great detail in French and in English. We have a detailed and comprehensive guide representing over 800 pages of documentation for each of our software packages.



We have a comprehensive training guide enabling you to learn how to use our software both in terms of development and operation. The average duration of our training courses is three days for the development part and two days for the operational part.


Methodology training: going into further detail, modelling and implementing the project in DataEXchanger.

Feedback from operation and development in DEX X


Defining the essential mapping stages for new flows.


Modelling the flows in DEX X according to their specific features


Determining the overall administration rules for the EAI within the company (error management, recoveries, backups, naming, etc.)


Studying concrete examples


Determining the pattern of flows and the documents representing the design conventions in DEX X

Duration: 2 days


Pre-packaged project plans and script libraries.

“Model project” packages (integration of data, multi-channel exchanges, transformation and control of files) applied to various businesses (logistics, industry, HR, Datawarehouse).



Our training, assistance with startup and documentation enable you to quickly become autonomous in the parameterisation and administration of DEX flows.
For ambitious projects, or depending on your strategy, our dedicated consultants can provide their advice and expertise.

– EDI translation parameterisation
– Creation of and data feed into the data warehouse
– Connection to an ERP
– Checking of data
– Interfaces between subsidiaries
– Optimisation of logistics flows