Payment Methods,
Bank Mandates
& Cash Management

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Value datasheet

The value datasheet is the company treasurer’s basic tool: two analysis formats (dynamic and graphic), multicriteria analysis, personalisable display.

Updating of forecasts

Automatic or manual importing of forecasts, use of operational and budget codes, integration with THÉTYS Payment banking communication.

Cash reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation between forecasting operations and the bank movements automatically integrated from your statements of account. Personalisation of the display by the user and reconciliation balance sheet with unitary or overall “de-reconciliation” function

Balancing accounts

Balancing of accounts enables cash transfers to be created:
Manual inputting or use of the automatic transfer proposal function. The Automatic Proposal function is based on the balancing rules parameterised for the positions of accounts or groups of accounts. Possibility of generating multi-format transfer files.


Intra-group financing

THÉTYS Tréso enables intra-group accounts to be tracked between the various companies within your organisation:
Data feed into accounts by the balancing transfers inputted, recovery of the automatic cash pooling operations for data feed into intra-group accounts, printing of intra-group invoices.

Tracking of fees and overdraft interest charges

THÉTYS Tréso enables you to track your bank charges over time:
Automatic calculation of the charges on cash operations, possibility of automatic generation of the forecast charges, various summary charges statements per period and per operating unit (entity), Excel and PDF extraction.