Payment Methods,
Bank Mandates
& Cash Management

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Importing and inputting

Input or import your payments from upstream applications such as accounting software, HR (expense claims, pay, etc.), cash management.

Issuance and receipt

Issue and receive your bank files (transfers and direct debits, statements of account).

Secure workflows

Validate the payment instructions to be issued in the bank by a signature validation circuit at several levels, with strong authentication (biometric keys, one-time passwords).

Printing of bankers’ drafts and certified cheques

With multi-bank, multi-entity and multi-application cover, print out your banker’s drafts and promissory notes/bills of exchange, etc.


Automate certain processing in order to increase productivity and limit the risks of errors when updating cashflow forecasts and accounting returns.

Thétys Chèques is based on Thétys Payment

This platform benefits from all our technical innovations to guarantee you maximum protection of your payment by cheque process thanks to:
– Encryption of incoming files.
– An electronic signing system with several signatures.
– A digitalised and encrypted signature.
– A secure banker’s draft paper complying with the NF-K11-112 standard.
– An automatic calculation of the RLMC key.
– Dynamic printing of the CMC7 line after validation by the authorised person.

Thétys Chèques, a platform adapted to all organisations.

– A multi-company, multi-bank, multi-account, multi-user, multi-currency and multi-site solution.
– Automation of the process for validation, signing and printing of cheques.
– Easy interface with all accounting applications.