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Digitalisation in cash-flow and finance: applications in Forecasting

How can we add even more added value to the treasurer’s and CFO’s everyday work? ACA presents Journées AFTE on 24 November. This 100% online webinar proved very popular with treasurers, many of whom attended the conference on ...

Essential tools to manage your cash-flow

Are you "really" well equipped? More than ever before, treasurers are responsible for the financial balance of their companies. They need to keep constant track of day-to-day cash-flow, while keeping one eye on the medium and long term horizon ...

Data: a key concern for Finance Departments

The subject of financial data within a company is a major issue when it comes to both changing regulations and the company’s reporting needs. This makes it essential that organisations place day at the heart of their finance ...

PER retirement plans: taking stock one year on

And barely a year! PER Retirement Plans were officially launched on 01/10/2019 and now, one year later, it is no longer possible to take out the old PERP, Madelin Law, and other Article 83 retirement plans. You now need to take ...

Positive reports about our free offer for SMES! Testimonials

In April, ACA signed up as a partner of the Covid-19 initiative led by Syntec Numérique, the French Digital Industry Association. In a bid to support SMEs over this period of stretched cash flow, ACA committed to providing ...

ISIE’s service to development at NICKEL

About the company Founded in 2012, Nickel offers a current account that is universally accessible, without requirements as to income or assets and without overdraft or credit facilities. It takes five minutes to open the account, at a newsagent, and ...

USA : 9Wood uses CashSolve for its forecasts

Beyond French borders, the health crisis has affected the whole world. We are proud to have been able to help an American company, 9Wood, specialized in the manufacture of wooden ceilings. The graceful provision of our Cashsolve solution has ...

Digital Partners Meeting – 1 october 2020

Gear up for the first ACA Digital Partners Meeting to be held remotely! For the coming season, we’re offering this new format to help reduce the spread of the virus. Join us on Thursday 1 October at 6:30 p.m. ...

Cash Flow Budget 2021: How many scenarios?

As of January 2020, the initial effects of the “Covid” crisis made themselves felt with the factory closures in China. In March, Europe entered lockdown to devastating effect on the economy. Orders and revenue would run dry for the majority ...

ACA is participating in the 31st Reavie Congress 2020

From 7 to 9 October 2020, the Réavie Congress will be hosted at the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic in Cannes. It represents the 31st edition of the international conference of personal and life insurance and reinsurance professionals. ACA is ...

ACA News – September

How are you ? A conversation starter? Not in this case: how was your summer? Did you spend it with family, alone by the sea or in the mountains? Or maybe you ventured further afield? We genuinely hope you’re ...

Section : payment security

Securing financial flows: risks, mechanisms and best practice Payment security falls under the responsibility of the corporate treasurer. It is they who subscribe to the payment methods offered by their bankers and payment providers, only to make these available ...

News ACA July and August

​Little-used words have recently slipped into our vocabulary: pandemic, confinement, de-confinement, unpublished period… and of course the world "before and after"... We are well aware that this period may have been complicated and we hope that the recovery will ...

Cash Flow Forecasts for SMES: inventory

The importance of forecasts to SMEs We are delighted to sit at the heart of this analysis conducted with Option Finance, casting the spotlight on the other side of the support structure for SMEs: cash forecast software publishers. The ...

A look back on ISIE webinars

Since early April, we have held seven webinars on the ISIE solution, software for accounting and finance interpretation. Here are the subjects of the webinars What is accounting interpretation software? Our ISIE solution has been a leader in the ...

A look back on THÉTYS webinars

Since early April, we have held three webinars on the THETYS solution, software for banking communication and cash flow management. Here are the subjects of the webinars: Payment method security: a major challenge - What is payment fraud risk? ...

A look back on CASHSOLVE webinars

Since early April, we have held four webinars on the CASHSOLVE solution for managing cash-flow projections, WCR, debt, and balance sheets. Here are the subjects of the webinars: Managing your cash in difficult times! As someone involved in finance ...

A look back on ASSUREX webinars

Since early April, we have held six webinars on ASSUREX, software offering management solutions for individual and group savings plans; death, disability, and unemployment insurance; annuities; and income tax withholding. Here are the five subjects of the webinars: 2021 French ...

ACA continues supporting companies in difficulty ! An interview with FERPECTION

ACA extends its lending of CashSolve until the end of September To continue helping companies, ACA has decided to continue lending out CashSolve, its cash-flow forecasting application, until the end of September 2020. This offer was arranged in partnership with ...

Sodexo : why they chose Thétys

About Sodexo Sodexo is a French multinational corporation that specialises in outsourced services. Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, Sodexo has become a global leader in quality-of-life services in over 67 countries. Sodexo is best known for its food services, but ...

ACA ranked as one of the top french software publishers

We are proud to again be included in the top 100 software publishers in the Truffle 100 ranking from Truffle Capital published in June 2020. ACA continues to deploy its SaaS publisher strategy and rely on a network of partners to implement ...

With Thétys Treso, power meets flow

When I learned that, in Greek mythology, Tethys was the Titanide (female Titan) of rivers and streams, I thought to myself that the creators of the Thétys cash-flow management SaaS solution, published by ACA, chose the name well. [...

Reconciling accounting entries with business-line operations

Reconciling accounting entries with business-line operations is a major challenge for compliance with internal controls, not to mention external ones: statutory auditors, tax authorities, auditing authorities, etc. Besides reflecting the quality of your information system, this type of reconciliation ...

Working from home or not, we’re always connected!

During the 55 days of stay-at-home orders, ACA’s teams figured out how to stay in contact with everyone. We organised numerous video meetings to talk about important topics in today’s world: how to manage tight cash flow, how ...

Accounting interpretation solutions: now more essential than ever

Innovation has always been the driving force of the IT industry.  The goal? To offer solutions that align as closely as possible with user needs while ensuring maximum reliability. The factors that drive us to innovate include issues like ...

The challenges facing treasurers in a period of high uncertainty

As we enter a period marked by a global recession in economic activity whose extent and consequences cannot yet be fully understood, companies are more than ever being forced to reckon with the problem of managing uncertainty. As during ...

Students today… Treasurers and finance officers tomorrow!

Studying is all about learning, understanding, and putting your knowledge into practice! An environment and a set of subjects, and specialising in a particular field. Today, it’s Finances and Cash Management. Students are our resources for the future, ...

ACA: a partner to small businesses

ACA is a partner to the covid-19 action led by Syntec Numérique, the French professional union for the digital industry, to develop concrete and functional solutions to help manage the crisis resulting from covid-19. To help small and ...

Tracking international payments, the revolution is on!

Axel Prette, THETYS product manager, gives us his analysis on the very topical subject that is the monitoring of international payments. We went to meet him to have an inventory of what will be implemented, a real revolution for ...

contrôler compte entreprise
Auditing and reconciling your company’s accounts

One of the most important tasks in accounting is auditing your company’s accounts. The goal of this work is to produce high-quality accounting to ultimately issue financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and appendices) that are true and ...

tendance prévision de cash
Cash flow forecasting trends in 2020

Thomas RUBIO is the CashSolve Director of Consulting at ACA. He uses his cash flow performance management experience to assist numerous large and medium-sized companies in implementing cash flow forecasting management solutions. With 2020 just starting, what are the trends ...

Join us on 22 March for The Foulées de l’Assurance races

Again this year, ACA is getting involved to prevent cardiovascular diseases by participating in the Foulées de l’Assurance. The event will be held on 22 March 2020 in the Bois de Boulogne park in Paris. Join the ACA team ...

UNIVERSWIFTNET 2020: learn about this year’s theme !

ACA is renewing its partnership at the Universwiftnet trade show taking place on Tuesday 17 March at the Palais Brongniart. You’re invited to our workshop on a highly topical theme: ‘The revolution in international payment tracking’ at 4:00 p.m. ...

Interview with Didier VILBAJO, ISIE user

AG Insurance is a Belgian insurance company that’s been an industry leader since 1824. AG Insurance is a multi-channel insurer offering a complete range of insurance products: life insurance and property/casualty insurance (auto, fire, accident, hospitalisation, civil liability, ...

Cash Flow Forecasting: the need is real

Grant Thornton, an ACA partner, recently published a very thorough study prepared by Carl Civadiée and Stéphanie Hauswald. Previous editions of their Barometer survey report had highlighted Working Capital Requirements (WCR) as a major concern for businesses. ...

Partner Meeting 23 January 2020

To start off the new year, we are inviting our partners to a meeting on Thursday, 23 January 2020 to talk about ACA’s strategy! Do you want to participate ? Send an email to

An insurer, a consulting firm and a software publisher : a winning trio !

Ageas chose the Assurex solution to manage annuities and teamed up with ALB Conseil while maintaining control over project management. ALB Conseil was hired to handle project management support, from expressing needs to handover to deployment. ABOUT THE COMPANY ...

The French PACTE law : an obligation to manage annuities

An overview of the pre-PACTE Law situation Retirement savings products in France, both for groups (PERE(Art.83), PERCO, etc.) and for individuals (PERP, Madelin Law, etc.), have existed for a long time. They are characterised by a long savings ...

Interview with Hervé LAURENS, ISIE user

ABOUT THE COMPANY BUT, the largest network of household goods shops in France for over 45 years BUT was founded in 1972 by the Venturini family. BUT is positioned in three main markets: furniture and decor home appliances audio-visual Hervé Laurens (...

covenants bancaires
Managing loan covenants: what do you do ?

A new article based on our discussion between David Brault, Managing Partner of Objectif CASH, and Clément Letourneux, this time talking about managing loan covenants, another task the treasurer is responsible for. Upholding loan covenants: vigilance is a ...

Fraude et sécurisation de paiements
Fraud and securing payments

A new article based on the discussion between David Brault, Managing Partner of Objectif CASH, and Clément Letourneux, CFO and former Director of Cash Flow and Financing. This time, they’re talking about payment fraud: who is ultimately ...

sécurisation des paiements
Partnership between THETYS and SiS-id

Securing payments : a successful partnership Thetys has developed an API with SiS-id to respond to challenges in payment security. As requested by our shared clients, ACA and SiS-id have become partners. A unique experience for securing payments thanks to ...

Cash is king: I, You, They, We must all ‘think’ cash!

Read the discussion between David Brault, Managing Partner of Objectif CASH, and Clément Letourneux that took place at ACA during our conference ‘Treasurer & CFO, a winning duo.’ In this article, they talk about best practices for spreading ‘...

Your SaaS Solutions in the ACA private cloud

Our SaaS solutions are now hosted in a private cloud: servers fully dedicated to ACA. Learn about the many advantages: Security When you use dedicated infrastructure, there are fewer constraints on improving security. This makes is easier to upgrade ...

methode directe ou indirecte des prévisions de trésorerie
Direct or indirect method: which should you choose ?

During a conference of treasurers and CFOs, David Brault, Managing Partner at Objectif Cash and a partner of ACA, interviewed Clément Letourneux about how he views the roles and responsibilities of a treasurer, a position that Letourneux occupied ...

cash vertueux
Can a Treasurer become a CFO ? An interview with Clément Letourneux

During a conference of treasurers and CFOs, David Brault, Managing Partner at Objectif Cash and a partner of ACA, interviewed Clément Letourneux about how he views the roles and responsibilities of a treasurer, a position that Letourneux occupied ...

Sport : a commitment by ACA

We walked, ran, and tried out many different fitness classes over the last six months! In January, a team of 13 people took on a personal and group challenge: finishing the Paris Half-Marathon! From the Jardin des Plantes to the ...

Changes to PASRAU in 2020 : Let’s talk!

The main purpose of the PASRAU rules is to provide for French income tax withholding for sources of income included on a list established in 2019. Those withholdings are then transferred to the DGFIP. The new standard for 2020 includes three ...

Best practices : optimising cashflow in the short term, predicting it for the medium term

To protect your business, you need to know how to manage and control your cashflow. Managing it means maintaining enough liquidity to deal with payment deadlines. Controlling it means not limiting yourself to day-to-day updates on available cash levels. ...

Interview with Nathalie REGNIER, Cash Reporting user

About the company International group in the industrial sector Eutelsat SA is one of the world’s largest commercial satellite operators, with a fleet of 37 satellites covering Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas and providing transmission capacity to radio ...

Having total control of all of our cash and debt forecasts

Vivarte's identity card VIVARTE is a French group specialising in fashion, shoes and leather goods, with store chains that include household names like La Halle, Caroll, Minelli, San Marina and Cosmoparis. The Group achieved consolidated sales revenues of 1.4 billion ...

ACA reaches out to the Treasurers of tomorow !

Every spring, ACA reaches out to future treasurers at a number of French schools: IGR Rennes, La Sorbonne et L’ESLSCA. We feel that it’s important to communicate to these future cash flow solutions experts about the benefits ...

Bank account management : digital formats and risk management

As part of the FINSERVICES benchmark for cash flow organisation and payment mapping, we monitor the development of good risk management practices. For example, corporations are strengthening their risk management frameworks with modules for compliance/monitoring of international sanctions ...

prévisions de trésorerie agiles
Data Reliability, Agility & Productivity

According to the latest study conducted by PWC and the DFCG on Chief Financial Officers’ priorities in 2019, “more than half of CFOs plan to pay special attention to cash flow monitoring and forecast reliability, as cash flow is seen ...

Interview with Rozenn Bellion Seite, a Thétys Payment user

AG2R LA MONDIALE specialises in social and estate protection. It meets all the fundamental needs of its policyholders every day and throughout their lives, directly or through their employers: savings, health and employment insurance, and complementary and supplementary ...

coût des services bancaires
Evaluate and monitor the cost of your banking services!

At the Group level, the overall cost of banking services can become quite substantial if not carefully monitored. This responsibility falls to the treasurer, who must remain vigilant and acquire the right tools to evaluate this cost, reduce it, ...

Gestion et de Modélisation de Prévisions de Trésorerie
A winning combination : Cash Flow Forecasting Management and Modeling Software

You work with lots of treasurers. What have you observed? Treasurers need to cover all of their cash management needs: from day-to-day cash flow optimisation to modelling of cash flow budgets, projected financial statements, or even 5-year business plans. ...

Trésorier garant de conformité des paiements
The treasurer’s role : ensuring payments are compliant

You’re a treasurer in a Group with an extended geographic reach, including countries considered “sensitive” in the geopolitical context. As the last link in the bank transmission chain, your role is essential in the process of confirming that ...

Universwiftnet ACA
UniverswiftNet workshop 2019 : Cash Forecasting

ACA is again partnering with Universwiftnet on Tuesday 19 March 2019 at Palais Brongniart. Our experts are looking forward to meeting with you at our 9:30 workshop. “CASH FORECASTING: how do we adapt our process organisation and methodology?” Our ACA experts offer ...

The AFTE Conference is over. Is your BAM solution in place ?

At “Journées de l’AFTE”, the annual conference of the Association Française des Trésoriers d’Entreprise (French Association of Business Treasurers), we learned that just 25% of French businesses are equipped for BAM. It’s a shame ...

Groupe Pierre Henry Cash Solve
Interview with Jérôme Chaplin, Cashsolve user

A robust and reliable method for managing cash flow forecasts About the company A mid-sized industrial company The PIERRE HENRY Group, a family-run mid-cap company that’s been in business for 45 years, has established itself as France’s leading ...

Projections for 2019, Forecasts and Data Collection : how’s it going at your business

A little note inspired by a recent discussion with a friend who’s a financial officer for a retail group. When I asked the usual question: “How are you? How’s work?” His answer seemed a bit terse: “This ...

afte 2018 ACA Partenaire
ACA : Cash Flow experts and partners to Les Journées AFTE 2018

Last May, ACA acquired the CashSolve line of solutions, strengthening its position as an expert supporting cash flow professionals! We’ve been established as experts in bank and finance flow management since 2014 with our THÉTYS line: Mandats, Tré...

Cash Flow Optimisation, excellence strategy and innovation at Le Gouessant

As part of the operational excellence strategy announced by the CEO and CFO, a group-wide policy of optimisation, security and innovation has been put in place. After a three-month deployment period, from the design workshop to the deployment of ...

Control your cash and improve profitability for your business ! Explore our training session

Looking to control your cash or improve your business’s profitability? Choose your training session and sign up today! Multiple dates: 25 September and 2, 9, and 26 October. These training sessions are organised by ACA at 19 rue Poliveau, Paris (5th arrondissement). Improve ...

culture cash ou  ebidta
Do you have a cash culture or an ebitda culture ?

Yves Peccaud specialises in cash culture and in creating value for companies. In his work, he draws on his many years of experience as a controller, then as a CFO for companies in a broad range of sectors: Bristol ...

The 5 most important questions to ask for a successful cash flow budget !

For financial officers, the last quarter of the year means preparing closures and fighting their way through the budget period. At this busy time, take a moment to ask yourself some important questions about your current predictive model. We’...

Choosing a TMS or a projected cash flow modeling solution ?

ACA’s decision to complement its Thétys range of business software for treasurers with the CashSolve line of solutions provides real added value for Finance departments. ACA now provides a way to cover all of their cash management ...

aca déménage poliveau nouvelle adresse ACA moving! From Monceau Street to Poliveau Street, Paris!

Let's pack our things, prepare our boxes and go to our new office where we will settle this summer!   New address: 19 rue Poliveau 75005 Paris! A new definition of office lifestyle! New offices for new projects! You hearded it ...

RDV Partenaires été ACA
ACA invites you to its Partners Meeting Wednesday june 27th!

ACA invites you to its Partners Meeting Wednesday, June 27 from 7:00pm! We would be delighted to share with you ourlatest news! Indeed, with the acquisition of CashSolve to our range of solutions last May, we have an advanced expertise ...

ACA rachat CashSolve mai 2018 trésorerie SaaS
ACA strengthens its cash position with the acquisition of CashSolve!

This acquisition enables ACA, the publisher of the Thétys range (cash management, payment management and banking) solutions, to enrich its software offering with treasury expertise. Since it was founded in 2000, CashSolve has been helping companies of all sizes, ...

optimisez process ISIE
Why optimize your accounting processes?

Are you more and more asked to streamline your accounting processes and optimize your closing deadlines? The accounting department is a key element of any business The many laborious manual processes cause slowdowns and productivity losses. Your information systems ...

ACA organizes a Running at Réavie Congress in Cannes!

ACA will be present at the Réavie Congress which will take place from 10 to 12 October in Cannes at the Majestic Hotel. We are pleased to be this year again Partner of this must-attend event for insurance professionals. We ...

congrès réavie argus assurance aca partenaire
ACA partner of the Congress Réavie 2018

The Réavie Congress, organized by L'Argus de l'assurance, will be held this year in Cannes from 10 to 12 October at the Majestic Hotel! A must-attend event for insurance professionals More than 750 top insurance managers will gather around 17 debates to ...

aca membre du jury argus d'or 2018
ACA member of the Argus d’Or Jury 2018!

On Tuesday, April 3rd, will be held the 14th edition of the Argus d'Or. This Trophy rewards companies and innovative teams in the insurance sector in various categories: Personal Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Communication / Marketing, Affinity / Collaborative Insurance, ...

BAM 4 BANK gestion des pouvoirs bancaires
THÉTYS Bam 4 Bank : Simplify banking delegations management !

Bankers, you want to offer speed, reliability and transparency to your users in banking delegations management ? Discover Thétys Bam 4 Bank, a simplified management solution. This solution, published and marketed by ACA in white label, provides your customers with ...

Universwiftnet2018 aca thétys
Universwiftnet workshop 2018: compliance of payments

Payments compliance: how to guard against risky payments? ACA, partner of the UniverswiftNet event held on March 13, 2018 at the Palais Brongniart, will be pleased to facilitate a workshop at 9:30 am. Our Client LE GOUESSANT will explain their issues around ...

ACA Tunis Transformation digitale
ACA participated in the first edition of the Digital Transformation Forum in Tunis

ACA participated Tuesday, February 6th in the first edition of the Digital Transformation Forum organized by Altiad Tunisia and the group 3E in Tunis. This event brought together various publishers, consultants and integrators including ACA to support the digital ...

aca axel prette présentation module conformité thétys payment
ACA introduces its new Compliance module!

Axel Prette, Thetys Payment Product Manager, and Philippe Hélaine, Managing Partner of Finservices, Lecturer in the Finance Master Course in Corporate Finance, presented the new Thetys Payment module. Every year, this seminar presents innovations and new features, in ...

ACA Participe aux foulées de l'assurance 2018
Join ACA team at Foulées de l’Assurance!

From Cannes to Paris: only 824 kms! Remember running together in Cannes, sneakers on the feet, the rising sun and the good mood? You have been more than 50 to participate in this Running in 2017, and we thank you for having ...

ACA version anglaise The website is in English!

The ACA teams are proud to present you the English version of their website ! Access to the English version You can now navigate between the English or French version with the button in the menu bar. This new version ...

ski morzine aca séminaire Relive the ACA ski trip at Morzine!

The ACA teams met for a few days in Morzine to enjoy the fresh air and a break together! The opportunity to spend relaxing moments and sports moments to start 2018. Activities: Skiing, Snowshoeing, Sledging, Tartiflette, Drawing Workshop, Parties, Pool, ...

Brique fiscale
Withholding tax: Discover our new Brique Fiscale solution!

Withholing tax: Simplify the implementation thanks to the Brique Fiscale solution! Implementation and imposition of a withholding tax on salaries and revenues (similar to “pay as you earn” or PAYE systems), it's official! On November 13, Gérald Darmanin, Minister ...


#JournéeUACA The 2017 Users’ Day was very well attended and we should like to warmly thank you for taking part. We hope that the day was as interesting for you as it was for us. The documents and presentations ...

image-day-click-blog-aca-participe-21-novembre COME AND MEET US AT THE CLICK DAY, 21 NOVEMBER 2017

Come and meet us at the Click Day on 21 November! On 21 November, ACA is participating in the Digital profession meeting, CLICK DAY, organised by Syntec Numérique! Come and meet the ACA team from 09:30 to 17:00 and take part in ...

Trophée argus de l'assurance digitale 2017 aca

It was a highly successful evening for insurance professionals! ACA was present at the at the awards ceremony for the digital insurance industry’s Argus Trophies on 9 November during the 11th conference organised by the Argus de l’Assurance ...


ACA is a Partner of Les Entretiens de la Prévoyance, the leading event for life, health and accident professionals   Wednesday 15 November was the date for the Les Entretiens de la Prévoyance at the Maison de la ...


Are you concerned to optimise your banking costs and manage your cash? Sign up for the webinar on Monday 13 November at 15:00! ACA and its partner Finservices will answer your queries on the best way to map your financial risks ...


ACA is a Partner of the Léon Cogniet Group Event On Tuesday 14 November 2017 from 19:30 to 22:30 come to the Monet the Collector exhibition at the Marmottan Museum! A special evening for insurance professionals organised by our partner Léon ...


Pensions: What future is there for France En Marche (on the move) in the European caravan? --the theme of the round table organised by ACA on 12 September 2017 in Nice as part of the Riviera Rendez-Vous.   France on the ...

plimsoll aca

Plimsoll gives us “strong” rating   The latest Plimsoll study on the IT software market has given ACA Group’s Alsyon Technologies a “STRONG” rating for the Thétys range of software packages!
This is the highest rating awarded ...

Getting better control of the Group’s cash flow, debt and financing

About the company International wine and spirits group Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits is a wine and spirits group established mainly in Europe and the United States. The group has a rich portfolio of leading brands, including its six “...

livre blanc lutte contre la fraude
“Fight against fraud”

Fight against fraud - Discover the White Paper Make positive communication a major focus for the fight against fraud, a topic discussed at a round table in 2016. Grant Thornton carried out a fraud barometer in 2015 with more than 3,000 companies ...

Ensuring reliable cash flow forecasts for a rapidly-growing group in leveraged-buyout status

About the company   The HBF Group has been active in the electrical equipment wholesaling sector for 20 years. It specialises in three domains: electrical equipment, lightning and décor, and more recently, security and smart home systems. The Group ...

Defining a medium-and long-term financing strategy

About the company   Consisting of 17 regional institutions, EFS (Établissement Français du Sang, i.e. the French Blood Institute) manages activities relating to the collection, preparation, certification and distribution of labile blood products, and supplies over 1900 health care ...

Monitoring provisional cash-flow generation indicators and professionalising our financial communications process

About Cenexi European industrial group for pharmaceutical subcontracting The CENEXI group, held by Phinex Holding, is made up of 3 subsidiaries: Cenexi and Cenexi Services, located in France, and a third subsidiary in Belgium, Cenexi Laboratoires Thissen, acquired in 2012. The ...

Interview : José-Manuel Sanchez, user of Cash Reporting

Regular cash flow monitoring: rolling 5-week forecasts generated every week About the company European leader in technical audiovisual services Euro Media Group is a European group with a presence in 7 countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, ...

Reassuring financial partners with reliable, up-to-date cash and debt management

About the company France’s leading shoe wholesaler The Royer Group specialises in the wholesale shoe trade. The market leader in France and one of the biggest actors in the European market, it’s home to 800 employees in 40 business ...

With CashSolve, the Omnium group is revitalising its provisional cash flow management processes

About the customer :   The Omnium Group is home to textile chains BURTON of LONDON, DEVRED, and BOUCHARA, with 545 shops in total. It has €651 million in consolidated annual revenue and employs 3200 people. Project goals In 2007, with the help of ...

Carrefour chooses CashSolve to make its cash and balance sheet forecasts more reliable

Ensuring a secure and reliable process for forecasting cash flow and balance sheet items About the company Carrefour France, France’s largest hypermarket retailer, chooses CashSolve for its cash flow and balance sheet forecasts. We sat down with Marc ...