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1 April 2021 | ISIE

ACA becomes ACA, a Cegid Company

Press release Paris, 1 April 2021 – Cegid, a specialist in management solutions for accounting, tax, payroll and human resources, ERP and retail professionals, has today announced the finalisation of its acquisition of ACA. Cegid announced its intention to acquire ACA on 17 March, and has today confirmed that the purchase is now complete. A French company founded in 1989 and based in Paris, ACA is an independent software publisher that specialises in business cash flow management (Thétys and CashSolve), accounting and financial flow ...
17 March 2021 | ISIE

ACA continues to grow with the intention of joining Cegid!

Press release Paris, 17 March 2021 – The ACA Group, publisher of SaaS solutions and financial flows specialist, has always aimed to invest in growth and look to the future with enthusiasm. It is now planning to join Cegid. This partnership will provide continuity and allow us to develop ACA solutions within Cegid, a recognised expert in management solutions for finance departments. The hundred or so ACA employees and Jean-Baptiste Auzou, Managing Director, will be delighted to join Cegid when the acquisition is ...
10 March 2021 | ISIE

Taking control of managing accounting rules and procedures

Is your accounting plan changing? Do you need to adapt to new regulatory requirements? Is a new company joining your group? There are so many issues that require you to commit great resources while calling on a project team involving many departments. This situation occurs in many companies where the accounting and financial information system was built and designed through the creation of specific solutions or familiarisation with ETL/EAI tools by the IT manager. It also occurs in systems ...
25 February 2021 | ISIE

2021 : Full SaaS

Still unsure? SaaS is an essential solution that is no longer in question for us as a publisher. Paradoxically, some users are still reluctant to migrate from an on-premises mode to Software as a Service. Security, collaborative working, transformation of business functions... ACA gives you its view on the three advantages of adopting an SaaS solution. 1. Economic and organisational benefits Hosting, maintenance and update costs are borne by the publisher. SaaS is a subscription business model that reduces the initial ...
22 January 2021 | ISIE

Nickel, ACA et Ellis Alliance conference report

On Wednesday 20 January 2021, ACA organised a virtual conference, broadcast live on YouTube. On the agenda: “the impact of automated accounting processes on data control and financial risk”. A panel of three experts was assembled to represent the perspective of the client, consultant and publisher: Olivier Jean, COO of Nickel Jean-Baptiste Auzou, CEO of ACA Patrice Kalfon, Partner at Ellis Alliance Jean-Baptiste Auzou : “We chose this subject for a number of reasons, particularly, to explain the key issues surrounding it. These ...
16 December 2020 | ISIE

Taking stock of 2020

2020, quite a year! A year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the total upheaval not only of the economic landscape, but also of the operating methodologies and individual stakes for businesses. As of March, ACA and its teams would not be spared from this upheaval, which resonated throughout the organisation and left us little choice but to adapt and develop new methods to work together, do business with customers and approach new markets. Furthermore, this period saw the opportunity to ...
11 December 2020 | ISIE

ACA commits to Planet Tech’Care

Here at ACA, we’re proud to associate ourselves with Syntec Numérique and combine forces with the Planet Tech’Care community! Counting 34 billion* online devices in 2019, digital solutions are deploying exponentially throughout the world. However, the environmental impact of this trend is already clear. The digital sphere relies on energy consumption, alongside resources to manufacture hardware and the associated waste management. Accounting for 3%* of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), it is essential to reduce the environmental footprint of digital ...
5 November 2020 | ISIE

Data: a key concern for Finance Departments

The subject of financial data within a company is a major issue when it comes to both changing regulations and the company’s reporting needs. This makes it essential that organisations place day at the heart of their finance departments. Stringent Regulatory Restrictions The restrictions imposed by regulations merit a special effort to manage data. Indeed, compatible standards – be they Sapin Law II, IRFS 9, 15, 17, or even regulatory reporting standards such as Solvency II, for insurance, or Basel III, for banks – ...
8 October 2020 | ISIE

ISIE’s service to development at NICKEL

About the company Founded in 2012, Nickel offers a current account that is universally accessible, without requirements as to income or assets and without overdraft or credit facilities. It takes five minutes to open the account, at a newsagent, and customers receive a bank card for €20/year. NICKEL at a glance:   1,7 million accounts opened 3rd largest network of banking outlets with 5,700 newsagents 10 million banking transactions monthly Developing internationally For 2019 to 2023, Nickel’s strategy is to reach a total of four million ...
10 September 2020 | ISIE

Digital Partners Meeting – 1 october 2020

Gear up for the first ACA Digital Partners Meeting to be held remotely! For the coming season, we’re offering this new format to help reduce the spread of the virus. Join us on Thursday 1 October at 6:30 p.m. for a historic edition of our Partner Meetings. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford Do you want to participate? Send an email to marketing@aca.fr.