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Mastering cash is essential : through our daily exchanges with numerous financiers, we noticed that the task is difficult. They reported that they really need training courses on this subject.It is the reason why we decided to help you, by offering 4 training sessions, with 2 different panellists, duly selected by ACA.

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Some of our sessions are based on Business Games. It’s a very efficient way to learn, and to memorize without any effort.


The specialist in cash culture and value creation in companies. He led and straightened several companies in difficulty. Graduated from HEC, he teaches at the University of Paris Dauphine and the Ecole Centrale de Paris. Co-author of “Profession Chief Financial Officer” at Dunod, he is a business consultant and incubator of Start Up.

Cash Management Consultant. He advises companies in the organization and implementation of their treasury department. Trainer,he has been teaching management and finance for 30 years. More than 4,000 corporate finance professionals participated in its


10 & 11 Sept 2018Build your Budget and your cash forecasts
Master the issues and fundamentals of budget construction and cash flow forecasting
Objectives and skills targeted:
- Understand and use the company's information system
- Mastering the collection and processing of treasurer's data
- Build the cash budget and update the forecasts
- Analyze the flow tables and the forecast balance sheet
I would like to
September 27th, 2018Fundamental financial of investment
Understand the mechanisms of profitability of an investment. Put in place levers of improvement throughout the project
Objectives and skills targeted:
- Understand most of the profitability of an investment
- Identify actors of return on investment
- Manage the CAPEX project in its duration
I would like to
September 25th, 2018Culture Cash : Identify levers of cash and implement them
Demystify key financial concepts to understand, use and share them.
Objectives and skills targeted:
- Strengthen the knowledge of financial mechanisms
- Apprehend the cash flow statement
- Identify the levers to find cash in your company
- Communicate financial issues easily with operational people
I would like to
October 2nd, 2018Build your Financial Business Plan
Understand the process and leave with a succinct financial business plan that you will have built on Excel
Objectives and skills targeted:
- Understand the business plan development process
- Develop on Excel a simple example
- Evaluate your risks
I would like to