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A look back on CASHSOLVE webinars

Since early April, we have held four webinars on the CASHSOLVE solution for managing cash-flow projections, WCR, debt, and balance sheets.

Here are the subjects of the webinars:

  • Managing your cash in difficult times!

As someone involved in finance and cash-flow management, how do you plan for a worry-free future? How do you anticipate and simulate the impact of your strategic decisions on cash flow and PROJECT your company’s cash flow?

Learn about our short-, medium-, and long-term cash-flow forecasting solution: CASHSOLVE

  • Managing cash flow in times of uncertainty

We know that many companies may be running short on cash: this is a major source of concern for the near future.

Thanks to the solution CASHSOLVE, we can help you:

  • Establish effective measures to give you visibility in your forecast plan according to your strategic decisions;
  • Monitor your KPIs and make forecasts according to different scenarios;
  • Manage risks from foreign exchange, interest rates, and fluctuating commodity prices.

Plan for a worry-free future: anticipate and simulate the impacts of your decisions on cash flow!

  • Managing cash flow: the keys to anticipating effects

The French economy is gradually getting started again, but certain sectors in particular continue to struggle:

distribution, motor vehicles, airlines, restaurants, the entertainment industry, and more. If at least one of your concerns is:

  • Anticipating your cash-flow needs,
  • Making it easier to assess your financing needs,
  • Simulating different scenarios,
  • Quickly establishing cash-flow plans,

Then the CashSolve solution is perfect for you!


To continue helping companies, ACA has decided to make its CashSolve cash-flow forecasting application available for free until the end of September 2020. Fill out this form.

Jean-Baptiste Auzou, CEO of ACA, explains: In this crisis, certain companies are suffering tremendously. Cash flow and management are key factors. Being able to get short-, medium-, and long-term forecasts is crucial for company executives so that they can anticipate and plan ahead

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