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THÉTYS Bam 4 Bank : Simplify banking delegations management !

A simple, reliable and global tool for Managing Banking Delegations

Bankers, you want to offer speed, reliability and transparency to your users in banking delegations management ? Discover Thétys Bam 4 Bank, a simplified management solution.

This solution, published and marketed by ACA in white label, provides your customers with a SaaS interface to integrate into your web banking offer.

BAM 4 BANK gestion des pouvoirs bancaires


To simplify management of banking delegations

Deadlines are reduced and transfers are instantaneous thanks to Bam 4 Bank interface. The data is automatically shared, with all the company departments (in France and international), and with bank advisors.

Shared access to the management of banking delegations

The interface can be configured by the Customer himself, the management of the Authorities is simplified with the Bam 4 Bank tool. A workflow allows credentials validation with a customizable, mandatory and secure route. The Customer has direct access to his data and can retrieve reporting and a credentials history at any time. The electronic signature, delegated to the certification authorities, ensures the authentication of the agents and a real speed of processing of the changes of powers by the email dematerialization.

Fraud risks prevention: Traceability and enhanced controls

The Bam 4 Bank solution collects a set of information to better identify customers, protect against the risks of identity theft, and collect the necessary documents. Compliance with KYC processes is facilitated by our solution and the controls applied to the banking delegations. The traceability of all the actions in the application guarantees the conformity of the data and limits the risks of fraud.

To find out more about our Thétys Bam 4 Bank solution, contact us!