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A look back on THÉTYS webinars

Since early April, we have held three webinars on the THETYS solution, software for banking communication and cash flow management.

Here are the subjects of the webinars:

  • Payment method security: a major challenge

– What is payment fraud risk?

– Certain payment methods are higher-risk: do you know how to track them?

– How can you get visibility of your cash flow?

  • Manage fraud risks with a TMS

Payment fraud prevention requires a combination of several measures. Here are the ones included in Thétys:

– Verification of beneficiaries

– Detection of “extraordinary” payments

– Blocking by country and/or currency

– Verification of conformity

– Detection of unusual behaviour

– Multi-factor authentication

– Data encryption

  • Thétys: the powerful, fluid TMS

Treasurers are always looking for a tool that is both rich in features and easy to use, while also offering adaptability.

Check out the THETYS TRESO solution, which meets all of these needs.

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