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A look back on ISIE webinars

Since early April, we have held seven webinars on the ISIE solution, software for accounting and finance interpretation.

Here are the subjects of the webinars

  • What is accounting interpretation software?

Our ISIE solution has been a leader in the market for the past 30 years.

  • The Finance Data module

The Finance Data module helps you automatically identify discrepancies between your business-line data and the data in your accounting and finance systems.

  • How to optimise your account closing processes

In these times of economic uncertainty, you have to quickly assess the financial situation of your company. The ISIE solution helps you prepare your financial statements faster and quickly generate reliable analyses and reports on finances that you can then send to your managers.

  • Guaranteeing the quality of data

The ISIE solution can be used to automate the integration of your accounting and financial data while verifying their validity and consistency. With ISIE, you can quickly offer reliable financial analyses and reports to anyone within your company

  • Reconciling business-line operations with accounting data

Reconciliation between accounting data and business-line operations is very important for complying with internal and external audits, whether by statutory auditors, tax authorities, auditing authorities, or anyone else.

Besides reflecting the quality of your information system, this sort of reconciliation guarantees transparency and compliance in the management of your company.

The ISIE solution is part of the accounting interpretation software family and is particularly adept at handling these challenges.

  • Taking control of managing accounting rules and procedures

Maybe your chart of accounts is evolving, maybe you need to adapt to new regulatory requirements, maybe your company is acquiring another… All of these require you to dedicate a lot of resources, with the involvement of a project team that includes the IT department, project managers, certification experts, and more.

With an accounting interpretation solution like ISIE, you can quickly and easily manage all of these subjects on your own and according to your own schedule.

  • Accounting justification to comply with regulations

Financial transparency laws require companies to provide complete justifications for their accounting reports, no matter their sector of business. Data tracing, review trails, and reliable audit trails can often be difficult to create retroactively, and that work is also time-consuming for all of your company’s departments.

Instead, you can create that audit trail and use it in tandem with your accounting integration processes!

The ISIE accounting interpretation solution has a complete traceability module. In particular, this feature helps you comply with traceability requirements for accounting and financial data.

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