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Priorities for treasurers 2021

Interview conducted by Option Finance with Thomas Rubio

In an interview conducted by Option Finance, Thomas Rubio, ACA CashSolve Consultancy Manager, reiterated that ‘The cash flow forecast must be an integral part of the finance department’s business processes and, as such, must be highly structured’.

-> Full interview in Option Finance

Models turned upside down

The health crisis has changed the paradigms. Models have been turned upside down. Medium-term projection, while staying the course on short-term cash flow, has become a necessity.

Before, finance directors focused more on their organisation’s financial performance and growth in sales revenue and EBITDA. But now, short and medium-term cash flow and net debt forecasting has become one of the main priorities.

A new method to implement

This is a critical time for businesses facing significant losses in annual revenues. Some of them have benefited from the grants provided, but sooner or later, the issue of debt repayment will arise. So the need to develop a forecast is looming on the horizon for treasurers.

In 2021, they must implement a new methodology. ‘Finance teams, and especially treasurers, need more than ever to decompartmentalise their management process and retrieve information from the management control and accounts departments’.

Option finance previsions trésorerieCheck out expert tips and the full interview in the comprehensive Option Finance report Priorities for Treasurers in 2021, published on 1 March 2021.


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