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Withholding tax: Discover our new Brique Fiscale solution!

Withholing regime: Simplify the implementation thanks to our Brique Fiscale solution!

Withholing tax: Simplify the implementation thanks to the Brique Fiscale solution!

Implementation and imposition of a withholding tax on salaries and revenues (similar to “pay as you earn” or PAYE systems), it’s official!

On November 13, Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts, confirmed the entry into force of the withholding tax (PAS) on January 1, 2019. The reform and its new modalities will be incorporated into the Financial law (PLFR).

The reform also concern the other income: PASRAU (Prélèvement à la Source des Revenus Autres in French, Withholding tax for other income).

Insurers, Mutuals, Provident Institutions, Insurance Brokers, bancassurers, must evolve their Information System.

ACA presents its Brique Fiscale solution in SaaS

This is the link between the tax administration and the individual account of each of your customers. Without human action, tax rates are automatically updated and integrated into each case.

“Our Brique Fiscale solution is universal and suitable for all types of contract, claims or annuities management software. Its integration is quick and simple, we support you throughout the project” Thomas Le Meur, ACA Sales Manager


Brique fiscale


Discover the benefits of Brique Fiscale solution

 Technical benefits:

– Minimize impacts on the business application

– Centralize individual tax rates and tax data of your customers independently of business applications

– Pool the processing of the calculation of the amounts of SAP, constitution of the declarations and recovery of the reports

– Single maintenance

Business challenges:

– Controls: Control tax Rates and Calculations, Validaty Tool for tax declaration

– Keeping track of the details of the amounts withdrawn, Storage of declarations

– Audit: traceability, origin and identification of the service in the business application, amounts justification, declaration reconstitution

– Control of Risks: customer dissatisfaction risk, penalties risk

The Brique Fiscale Solution is universal and adapts to your software, but also with Assurex, range of Savings, Pensions and Annuities contracts management.

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