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Positive reports about our free offer for SMES! Testimonials

Experiences of free access to CashSolve for SMEs with cash-flow issues

In April, ACA signed up as a partner of the Covid-19 initiative led by Syntec Numérique, the French Digital Industry Association.

In a bid to support SMEs over this period of stretched cash flow, ACA committed to providing free access to its financial forecasting solution, CashSolve, until the end of September. This offer was arranged in partnership with cash-flow forecasting experts.

Jean-Baptiste Auzou, CEO of ACA, explains the solidarity initiative: “Owing to the crisis, cash flow and management are more critical than ever before. Access to short-, medium- and long-term forecasts is key for senior managers to anticipate the changing landscape and stay one step ahead.

The offer is scheduled to end on 30 September 2020. How has the cash-flow forecasting solution CashSolve been of help to SMEs?

We’re delighted to report such positive feedback. Of the companies who benefited from this offer, two agreed to share their testimonials about our support:  one in France and one in the USA.


Beyond the borders of France, the impact of the health crisis has been felt across the entire world. 9Wood is a specialist manufacturer of wood ceiling systems based in the United States.

Charley Coury, Co-Founder and General Manager of 9Wood, answers our questions about the benefits of receiving free access to CashSolve during this period.

 Our previous forecasts were based on typical historical data. It quickly became apparent that we lacked the means to forecast atypical variations in cash flow.

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We spoke to Arnaud Limbourg, Co-Founder and CTO of Ferpection, also issued access to CashSolve. A start-up company, Ferpection is a platform for user studies and helps to continuously improve the value of websites, mobile apps and other digital projects.

Using the application, we established a clear vision of our cash flow from various angles and, above all, our year-end projections for 2020 and 2021. The different scenarios are a great feature for simulating multiple situations.

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