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Limit the risk of fraud with the compliance module!

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The white book “The positive influence of the fight against fraud“, written in collaboration with business experts, focuses on payment fraud: bank identity fraud, false transfer orders, fraud the bank card and the media fraud to the President in France and internationally.

With the almost daily addition of new identities, currencies, risk countries to public lists of sanctions and asset freezes (FR, EU, UN, US), the prevention of fraud risks is the principal concern of treasurers business.

Prevention, detection, protection: discover the axes developed by our professional speakers: an overview of the types of frauds in business, the influence of an ethical charter, feedback from PMU and Stormshield!

How to go from good anti-fraud practices to putting in place effective tools within your information system?

The Compliance Module created by ACA with its customer Le Gouessant is added to our banking communication tool Thétys Payment. This solution available in SaaS is the hub between the systems of our customers (accounting, ERP, HR, CRM …) and their banks: it houses the process of validation and signature of payments and communicates via EBICS or SWIFTNet. The concentration of all financial instructions just before they are sent to the bank makes it the ideal place to apply compliance control.

The Compliance module allows you to set a risk level for each country and currency. It is also connected with the public lists of institutions.

Country and currency controls are simple: they allow the treasurer to block at-risk payments. On the other hand, they are much more complex as regards the lists of sanctions. Indeed, it is necessary to set up a search algorithm in order to be able to detect in the payments information contained in the sanctions lists.

In case of an alert, at-risk payments are blocked and an email is sent. The treasurer is warned in real time of a risk of non-compliance: he can confirm the blockage or release the payment in the bank and then register a false positive.

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