Appart Fitness chooses Thétys for its cash flow management and secure payments

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Appart Fitness chooses Thétys for its cash flow management and secure payments

Thétys: a solution streamlined cash flow management and secure payments

About the company:

L’Appart Fitness: sports clubs all over France

L’Appart Fitness was founded over ten years ago by sports enthusiasts with one thing on their minds: allowing everyone to get into sport and have fun at affordable prices. Appart Fitness has become a leader in the fitness world by pushing for quality coaching, fun and respect. There are three packages offered: in the club, outdoors and online with the changes that occurred in 2020.

L’Appart Fitness in figures:

  • 120 sports clubs, including 60 franchisees
  • 300 coaches
  • 80,000 members all over France


We went to meet Franck Prothery, Cash Manager of Appart Fitness since 2019. After studying accounting and finance, he turned to cash flow management with a wealth of experience at many companies.

He has chosen and implemented the Thétys solution throughout the business, in collaboration with the IT project manager for its roll out.

‘With Thétys, I have been able to streamline my entire cash flow, enter my flows, set up analytical accounts and design analysis tables with budget codes’.

Background information on the cash flow of Appart Fitness

Six months before my arrival, the acquisition of the entire Amazonia group meant we had to merge all the entities and therefore streamline cash flow.

The aim was to have a comprehensive overview of the group’s cash flow. We were looking for a tool for centralised day-to-day management, where we did not have to go through each bank portal.

Why did you choose Thétys?

We put out a tender and large publishers such as ACA responded.

Three key points made a difference:

  • Human resources: the skill, responsiveness and investment of our partners. The ACA pre-sales teams were very attentive and committed: I soon became aware of the wealth of their double expertise in both the application and cash flow.
  • Flexibility of the tool: at the testing stage, I knew ‘what I wanted and what I didn’t want!’ Thétys can be fully customised by users according to their own needs and is scalable over time, not fixed. So you can familiarise yourself with the tool according to your internal structure and refine it over time. Other software is more rigid; you have to follow the publisher’s model from day one, with no flexibility in the settings.
  • SaaS: a key point for the Appart Fitness IT department – we wanted to outsource server management. Some publishers still offer licence-based solutions, which we did not want.

How are you using Thétys now?

We are now using Thétys in two ways within the cash flow department. A typical day is split into two parts: operational management, which has been greatly reduced through automation, and analytical management.

Cash flow part:

-> Operational management:

  • Accounts coverage for making payments
  • Automatic integration of all files, including on members’ payments and direct debits
  • Sending of bank statements for accounting
  • Recovery of unpaid direct debits, which can be reintegrated into our business tool for client management

-> Analytical management:

  • The introduction of budget codes provides an instant overview of the distribution of flows by analysis. Flows are categorised by type: supplier bank transfers, direct debits, members, franchisees, taxes, wages. Everything can also be extracted very easily to Excel.

Automation is possible with regard to payees, which saves lots of time and makes the process more reliable. In fact, we record the ‘right’ entry on the ‘right’ analysis.

Payments part:

-> Management of signatories

The Payment module also makes our day-to-day life much easier – and more secure. We can set up as many signatories as we want. Then, they sign directly in the application. We no longer have to manage physical tokens (which can be lost, misplaced, etc.). In one click, signatories are taken to the signing page. So it is much more convenient and saves us all a lot of time.

-> Validation of payments

Once this step has been completed, all I have to do is sign the payment at the bank with my SWIFT 3SKey.

The payment chain process is therefore much quicker, easier and more secure.

Four advantages of Thétys

1. Automation: save time on low value-added tasks

Treasurers can focus more on analysis and less on manual tasks. Before implementing Thétys, it sometimes took me a day to obtain all the cash flow information on all my bank accounts. Now, within an hour, I have access to all this operational information and my forecasts are more reliable

2. A solution for monitoring indicators and analyses

I can now focus on monitoring my indicators. I have set up ratios specific to our business: monitoring of unpaid bills/number of members, changes to the average basket and client monitoring, especially in these troubled times. This really adds value.

3. Very intuitive and modern user browsing (UX/UI)

The tool is enjoyable to use and the browsing is very user friendly! For example, in the cash flow part, the solution’s home page can be fully customised with its own indicators using a label system.

In the morning, I know in a flash whether my reconciliations are correct and I can see my favourite ratios without having to search in the tool. Every morning, I can check an indicator that is important to me, which I can see as soon as I go into the application: does my cash balance in Thétys match the bank balances?

4. SaaS

As well as outsourcing server management from the IT department, as I mentioned earlier, I appreciate the real time savings thanks to smoother connectivity. You do not need as much on your local computer, which is really convenient for clients. It has made mobility possible anywhere, especially at this time of health crisis and home working.

Furthermore, access is secured through controls and upgrades are managed entirely by ACA. I no longer have to worry about all that and I can focus on my job.

The support provided by the ACA & Appart Fitness teams

A responsive team

The hotline is great! The support team is highly skilled and attentive. At the time of the tender, the IT manager told us how important the hotline was – that it was not based abroad, that it could be contacted, that you could speak to the same people. And at ACA, the teams are responsive and really know their subject. So that saves even more time.

Self-sufficiency in settings

If I have new requirements in the tool, I am not stuck for several days waiting for the publisher to respond, after sending a ticket and so on. I can be self-sufficient, ask any questions I have and react quickly by changing the settings myself, based on advice from the support team

The last word

‘Thétys is easy and modern! The solution allows us to be more efficient in how we work at Appart Fitness: I save time and manage my company’s cash flow using the indicators and controls I have set up’.


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