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ISIE’s service to development at NICKEL

Interview with Olivier Jean, Nickel COO and Ronald Mounien, Finance IS Project Director

About the company

Founded in 2012, Nickel offers a current account that is universally accessible, without requirements as to income or assets and without overdraft or credit facilities. It takes five minutes to open the account, at a newsagent, and customers receive a bank card for €20/year.

NICKEL at a glance: 

  •  1,7 million accounts opened
  • 3rd largest network of banking outlets with 5,700 newsagents
  • 10 million banking transactions monthly

Developing internationally

For 2019 to 2023, Nickel’s strategy is to reach a total of four million customers in France and expand its offering to seven countries. The objective is to launch in two countries every year in Europe, applying the same business model of local distribution networks as in France. As of October 2020, Nickel will be available in Spain.

One of the major challenges associated with this strategy is to manage the increasing volume of customers and transactions. It requires a versatile and adaptable solution capable of accounting for Nickel’s new commercial offers and the regulations of each country.

Adapting and transforming the information system

Owing to its level of success and international development strategy, Nickel’s integrated solution would no longer be suitable for the sheer number of customers and the associated workload. Its teams sought a cloud-based solution enabling them to:

  1. Handle the growing number of customers with high volumes of activity (tens of millions of banking transactions every month).
  2. Apply the business model to future branches with the aim of ensuring a very fast time to market.

The teams identified the specific need for a tool that could take the information of the new Core Banking system and generate accounting schemes in response to accounting and management control issues. It would need to be easily adaptable and ensure agility with regard to parameterisation


Nickel chose the ISIE solution as its accounting interpreter for the simple reason that it satisfies all of its requirements.

In terms of parameterisation, ISIE offers numerous advantages such as user-friendly tables and graphic features. The solution is highly agile by virtue of its design and ease of use. Users can onboard themselves and work independently.

What swayed our decision was the user experience” – Ronald Mounien, Finance IS Project Director

Key features

For the teams at Nickel, the most important factor was to guarantee an audit trail that could produce bottom-up and top-down information, as well as process grouped data into detailed information.

“On seeing the audit trail functionality, we knew the ISIE solution could fully satisfy our need for bottom-up and top-down traceability.” – Ronald Mounien, Finance IS Project Director

SaaS to accelerate time to market

A core component of Nickel’s strategy is to leverage cloud services. These provide scalability and enhanced time to market at the expense of certain security measures, insofar as the data is exposed. In tandem with BNP Paribas, Nickel’s teams conducted studies with regard to security and architecture.

“Our studies showed that companies could entrust their data to you with reasonable peace of mind. We believe that your cloud services are deserving of our confidence.” – Olivier Jean, COO

Uses and advantages of the ISIE solution

Nickel has been using the ISIE solution for six months. Its teams focused their efforts on production at the start of June. Finance users have been consulting the audit trail and visualising rule parameters for every product.

In terms of production, business users are taking advantage of the data entry forms to monitor anomalies and rejections.

The three advantages of the ISIE tool are aligned to its core features:

  • Agility: not only the tool itself but the availability of the project team.
  • User experience: both technical and functional. Attending to customer requirements is the top priority.
  • Fulfilling expectations: the solution makes good on its promise.

“We’re given a sufficiently comprehensive overview of the tool – including the configured parameters – and of how it works. Our clear understanding of the parameterisation, which simplifies the expression of requirements, allows us to collaborate more effectively with the ACA team.” – Olivier Jean, Nickel COO

A team at the heart of every project

The project was delivered to schedule thanks to the involvement and investment of the Nickel and ACA teams.

“We received fantastic support from ACA. It was a pleasure to work together with their team – it afforded us flexibility, a broader perspective and a creative force to identify solutions to any obstacles. The project’s success came down to real teamwork!” – Ronald Mounien, Finance IS Project Director

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