Interview with Rozenn Bellion Seite, a Thétys Payment user

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Interview with Rozenn Bellion Seite, a Thétys Payment user

AG2R LA MONDIALE specialises in social and estate protection. It meets all the fundamental needs of its policyholders every day and throughout their lives, directly or through their employers: savings, health and employment insurance, and complementary and supplementary pensions.

The leading social protection group for the insurance of people and their assets, AG2R LA MONDIALE MATMUT was formed by a merger between AG2R LA MONDIALE and MATMUT on 1 January 2019. The Group is a key actor in the insurance market, with 18 million policyholders, over 500,000 businesses and over 120 occupational groups. AG2R LA MONDIALE MATMUT is a complete Group; with 16,000 employees and 650 agencies throughout France, it meets all of its policyholders’ needs by protecting their health, their retirement, their loved ones, their assets and their estates — every day and throughout their lives.

Rozenn Bellion Seite, in charge of the Payment and Receipt Operations Department (PROD) at the AG2R LA MONDIALE Group, leads a team of twenty people at the Paris and Lille sites.

Among other missions, this team is charged with processing interactions for the Group’s payment and receipt bank flows (not including financial investment flows). The 38,000 files they processed in 2018 branched off into 51 separate Thétys flows and covered nearly 70 million individual operations.

When Payment and Receipts operations were grouped into a single department in 2016, it was the perfect opportunity to group the exchange of payment and receipt instructions under a single tool as well, resulting in a number of benefits:

  • having full control at all times of file exchanges between the Group and its banks.
  • generalising a higher standard of security through the use of bank data exchange techniques.
  • ensuring continuity of the PROD’s activities across all sites.
  • simplifying the management of interactions with banks and internal interlocutors.

Considering the very large volume of operations involved, the goals driving this decision were simplification and increased security.

  • First, simplification:
    • information is available for the full scope of operations in a single system:
      • a single and exhaustive source of information.
      • reduced risk of fraud.
    • digital format for the exchange of payment/receipt information and bank signature workflows.
    • one department = one tool.
  • Next, increased security:
    • The tool allows users to send payment and receipt instructions securely (files are encrypted and sealed with a signature, strong authentication by “trusted third parties”).
    • The tool is accessible from all of the group’s sites for all PROD employees. The PROD’s multi-site configuration makes it possible to ensure the continuity of activities across sites.

Benefits of the THÉTYS PAYMENT solution:

  • An IT system for the full scope of PROD activity with immediate productivity benefits.
  • Potential synergy with THÉTYS CHÈQUES (PROD Mons tool with ability to issue cheques by post).
  • Visual dashboard adapted to PROD needs
  • Files are classified by flow, allowing users to immediately identify the business IT system from which the file was issued.
  • Powerful multi-criteria search engine to search over individual operations contained in the files, and over the files themselves (e.g. in 20 seconds, retrieve all outgoing transfers and direct debits for a third party based on their partial banking credentials, over the full history stored in THÉTYS PAYMENT).
  • A workflow system that provides security and traceability for validations and file transfers.
  • Ability to process large volumes (file with 1,400,000 operations)
  • Conversion of files issued in older formats by certain IT systems to the SEPA format.
  • Customised daily reporting, with an interface to the Group Cash Flow management system.
  • Proven, effective customer support.
  • Guaranteed results for customer support and 4-hour PCIT.

The deployment project was managed jointly by the IT teams, ACA consultants and the department. The project scoping phase was the most complex, given the large number of flows and circuits that had to incorporated into THÉTYS PAYMENT.

The transitions were done in stages, and were spread out over the period from October 2017 to July 2018 with support from ACA Thétys consultants throughout the project. Strong participation from the future users in the project scoping phases helped simplify the deployment and training phases.

What does the Group’s future with Thétys Payment look like?

THÉTYS PAYMENT is the now only tool used to manage interactions for the Group’s banking flows. Now that the deployment phase is complete, the system will continue to naturally evolve along with our needs.

Thanks to Rozenn Seite for her cooperation.