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Interview with Didier VILBAJO, ISIE user

ISIE: helping to drive the modernisation of the financial system

AG Insurance is a Belgian insurance company that’s been an industry leader since 1824.

AG Insurance is a multi-channel insurer offering a complete range of insurance products: life insurance and property/casualty insurance (auto, fire, accident, hospitalisation, civil liability, etc.), and supplementary pension solutions. 

Key figures in 2018

Premiums collected: € 6.1 billion

Net profit: € 554 million

Life assets under management: € 55.8 billion

Didier VILBAJO, Finance Department Projects & Process


Didier VILBAJO, Finance Department Projects & Process, tells us about the process of setting up the ISIE solution in the IT systems at AG Insurance.




The goal: Simplify integration of accounting data at AG Insurance

AG Insurance changes its accounting ERP tool

The accounting interface is the all-in-one tool for managing flows between business applications and accounting. It was originally developed in-house in COBOL on a mainframe, resulting in a solid solution, but one that was hard to manage (maintenance, compilation, production roll-out procedure).

In 2005, the company decided to deploy PeopleSoft, the new accounting ERP tool, and replace their custom accounting interface.

Key Issues

ISIE integrates with existing systems

The goal is to interpret all data coming from management applications in order to feed downstream applications. Another essential aspect involves integrating the interpreter into an existing architecture with data grouped into a single flow.

The flows to be processed are from business sources (Life, Non-Life, Health Care, Mortgages, Employee Benefits, Real Estate), or from applications used in support roles (Human Resources, Invoicing, Investments).

The most essential functions for AG Insurance are:

  • Validation of management data
  • Derivation
  • Enrichment of management data
  • Recycling of rejected data
  • Grouping of entries provided to the accounting ERP tool

Why choose ISIE?

A pilot project was set up to demonstrate that the ISIE solution would meet the functional and technical requirements:

  • Managing all accounting schemes
  • Configuring interpretation rules from a single central location
  • Fast deployment
  • Accounting documentation of interpretation rules
  • Auditability of accounting and financial data 
  • Financial integrity between GL and detailed accounting data (data warehouse)
  • Support for large data volumes.

ISIE makes communication easier

The detailed interpretation results feed into a data warehouse, while the grouped results feed the accounting ERP tool.

For increased flexibility and maintainability, the interpreter uses repositories administered by other applications (chart of accounts, etc.). Items rejected at the validation stage are made available to users in multiple formats. Once the data have been corrected, they are resubmitted for accounting interpretation.

The flow volume produced by the applications is 1.5 million events per day. The solution is scalable to interpret current and future volumes.

Fast deployment

Because the ISIE solution is so flexible, ACA was able to deploy the solution on a very short timeline. The strong partnership between the teams meant that they could work together to complete analysis tasks, configuration, unit tests, training and knowledge transfer.

Testimonial from Didier Vilbajo

ACA is a strong partner that proves its effectiveness through the skill of its teams and their ability to truly listen to our needs and concerns

Since the start of the project, the teams have:

  • Successfully completed several version upgrades of the ISIE solution
  • Further developed our interpretation rules to meet organisational and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Adapted the solution to support our data volumes (over 400/550 million events per year)

Over 14 years of operation, the ISIE solution has been a model of stability, and we continue to see its functional and technical adaptability in action every single day.

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