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An insurer, a consulting firm and a software publisher : a winning trio !

Ageas chose the Assurex solution to manage annuities and teamed up with ALB Conseil while maintaining control over project management. ALB Conseil was hired to handle project management support, from expressing needs to handover to deployment.


Ageas France has specialised in establishing and managing life insurance policies since 1903. Focussed on external, multi-channel distribution, the company provides its expertise to it partners and distributors in order to offer them innovative products and services.

ALB Conseil is an independent consulting firm focussed on organisation and project management support, specialising in insurance, banking, and finance.


Following a call for tenders launched in 2014, Ageas France became a user of the ISIE solution, ACA’s accounting and finance interpretation tool. The partnership was extended in 2018 when Ageas bought the Assurex Rentes solution dedicated to retirement savings payments. Ageas then bought the Brique Fiscale solution,

in response to France’s implementation of income tax withholding, for all exchanges with France’s DGFIP tax collection agency.

The pre-ACA situation

There was an initial major project that lasted two years. It aimed to completely revamp accounting systems, produce daily financial reports, and replace an accounting system that had been in place for over 20 years! This project integrated the ISIE solution into Ageas France’s IT systems. The project was part of a strategy of centralising and rationalising the IT systems.

A strong collaboration between three companies

As a continuation from that first project, a call for tenders was launched in December 2017 for managing annuities. Ageas selected ACA and its Assurex Rentes solution and hired ALB Conseil to assist with implementation of the solution (configuring products, integrating the solution into the IT system, and handover). Overall management remained in the hands of Ageas France and ACA was involved as the publisher and expert on the solution.


Implementation of Assurex was a logical step in the project to centralise Ageas France’s IT system. Initially, the company was going to implement Assurex in 2020. However, the announcement that France would begin requiring income tax withholding in early 2019 accelerated the project timeline. Ageas France needed an annuity management solution to meet immediate and future needs. The goal for Ageas was to have a long-term solution that would help them comply with regulatory requirements!

ACA was a natural choice. Indeed, there aren’t many software publishers in the annuity management market. ACA is both a leader in the market and also a human-scale player. ACA is responsive and it is easy to get in contact with anyone we need. We wanted a solution whose structure would allow us to manage a wide variety of annuities and that would be capable of supporting the growth of our portfolio and diversification of our offerings. In addition, ACA tracks regulatory changes and is able to perfectly adapt its software to those changes. Thierry Maman, Director of Operations and Information Systems at Ageas France

Ageas France took the time to select strong partners capable of supporting them in the long term: ACA and ALB Conseil.


For management

The goal of the project was to obtain a solution sold on the market and maintained by the publisher; a solution that would be scalable and would take regulations into account.

For the relevant departments

They needed to get away from an outdated system and have the option of investing in searching for new applications. Ageas aims to provide managers with a comprehensive range of insurance products (annuities, savings, death and disability).


ALB Conseil is a steadfast partner. After the solution was chosen, they stepped in as a strong project manager. A consultant from ALB Conseil worked with the Ageas teams starting in March 2018. Today, the solution is in operation. The transfer of skills was done gradually as ALB Conseil and ACA implemented the solution so as to enable the Ageas France teams to work independently.

Strong cooperation and very fluid exchanges between the ALB Conseil and ACA teams throughout the project facilitated the integration of Assurex, benefiting out shared client, Ageas France. Jean-David Benzimra, Managing Partner at ALB Conseil


Thanks to the tools implemented, we have delegated development and maintenance of the annuity management system to the software publisher, who makes available to us cutting-edge solutions that comply with increasingly restrictive regulations. The time freed up by the software allows us to concentrate on our core business and on improving our offerings


In this trio, each company played its role: the insurer expressed its business needs and difficulties; the consulting firm provided its functional expertise with life insurance and its methodological skills; and the software publisher provided its high-quality software and services and its ability to update its solutions according to regulatory changes (Solvency, PASRAU, etc.).

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