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2021 : Full SaaS

SaaS from the perspective of ACA and its clients

Still unsure?

SaaS is an essential solution that is no longer in question for us as a publisher. Paradoxically, some users are still reluctant to migrate from an on-premises mode to Software as a Service.

Security, collaborative working, transformation of business functions…

ACA gives you its view on the three advantages of adopting an SaaS solution.

1. Economic and organisational benefits

Hosting, maintenance and update costs are borne by the publisher. SaaS is a subscription business model that reduces the initial investment involved in a licence version.

  •  No more upgrades in SaaS mode: you automatically benefit from the latest technological and functional developments, without having to manage corrective or upgrade maintenance.
  • Relieve the load on your IT department: the publisher takes care of the secure servers and hosting, allowing for a faster and easier roll out. At ACA, the data is hosted in France.
  • Need to scale up or add a module? SaaS allows for flexible and rapid development.

‘The IT department has been relieved of the need to manage servers. ACA manages everything, so I can focus on my job. I appreciate the real time savings thanks to smoother connectivity. It’s really convenient for the client, especially during the health crisis and home working’.

Franck Prothery, Cash Manager of Appart Fitness – Thétys user

2. Benefits to employees of SaaS


  • A collaborative tool: the flow of information is shared, lasting and traceable. An up-to-date file is available to everyone, so everyone works on the same version with the ‘right’ information. Systems for colleagues to share feedback make work efficient and interactive. A new employee has arrived? No more buying a licence and installing it on their workstation – just add them to the database of authorised users with their own passwords
  • Accessible anywhere, at any time: with the expansion of home working, there is no question that mobility has allowed us to keep business going wherever we are. You do not need as much on your local computer because everything works from the Cloud.

I see three key advantages of SaaS: Scalability, i.e. adjustment and sizing of the information system. But also remote access for everyone regardless of country and time zone, which provides great flexibility. Finally, though a secure system of passwords etc., we can approve access to sensitive financial systems’. Patrice Kalfon, Partner at Ellis Alliance, ACA Partner

3. Security benefits

And of course, security comes first! User/role authentication allows for secure access within the agreed scope. As an SaaS publisher, we are responsible for the security of your data, and this issue is our top priority.

‘The transition to an SaaS banking communication solution, such as Thétys, ensures that updates and computer security vulnerability patches are applied regularly and quickly’.

Michel Pinto, cash flow IS project manager at Eramet, Thétys user

The last word: Accelerated time to market!


SaaS provides scalability and accelerated time to market. The rapid implementation of projects, compared to on-premises solutions, and data security are key to us. In tandem with BNP Paribas, Nickel’s teams have conducted studies with regard to security and architecture. The studies showed that companies could entrust their data to you. We believe that your cloud services are deserving of our confidence’. Olivier Jean, COO of Nickel, ISIE user

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