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Data Reliability, Agility & Productivity

What if you could be more agile when preparing your cash flow forecasts ?

According to the latest study conducted by PWC and the DFCG on Chief Financial Officers’ priorities in 2019, “more than half of CFOs plan to pay special attention to cash flow monitoring and forecast reliability, as cash flow is seen as the main source of financing for growth”. The number one challenge mentioned was improving flow management. For 43 percent of the CFOs interviewed, this required making cash flow forecasts more reliable.

As the cornerstone of financial management, cash flow forecasting requires continual updates to be as close to reality as possible.

You’re a CFO or treasurer and you’ve just finished preparing your cash budget.

Perhaps you had to tackle:

  • an inflexible, tedious in-house forecasting tool… or maybe an unnecessarily complicated Excel file
  • ongoing difficulties with multiple versions of your cash budget
  • a feeling that you spent more time setting up than analysing

Here’s a common example: your CEO asks you for the current net and forecast cash flow broken down by BU. But some entities are in euros and others are in dollars or other currencies…

How can we manage changing exchange rates?

  • Do your VAT levels differ based on your business activities?
  • Do payment and collection times vary depending on your supplier and customer categories?
  • Do your subsidiaries generate significant intra-group flows that you have to eliminate to calculate your consolidated Group cash on hand?
  • Has your main customer extended their payment terms?
  • Are you considering an acquisition? Are you planning to sell? How can you simulate the impact these operations will have on the Group’s cash flow and balance sheet?

All these variable parameters represent issues when it comes to updating your cash flow forecasts. Automating the creation process allows you to work with reliable and up-to-date numbers.

Using a business solution will make you more agile and flexible by automating forecast creation.

With one click, you can see actual and forecast results by BU. Example of a group-level view: comparison of actual vs forecast debt – contributory.

You can drill down to the very finest details.

With Business Intelligence analytical restitution, you can visualise:

CASHSOLVE is a platform for managing cash flow, WCR, balance sheet and ratio forecasting. Our reporting and cash forecasting web applications are agile and powerful, enabling a large number of companies to successfully make the change.

Now, these companies can:

  • Use a collaborative, shared tool to monitor actual and forecast data for all their subsidiaries
  • Simulate and compare various scenarios
  • Track their KPIs and analyse them in highly interactive visual formats
  • Considerably reduce the time a financial organisation spends preparing, updating and distributing dashboards.

Do you need an effective tool to manage your forecasts? Or are you tired of using an internal tool that doesn’t fully meet your needs?

Meet our CashSolve experts