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A winning combination : Cash Flow Forecasting Management and Modeling Software

Interview with Jean-Baptiste Auzou, CEO of the ACA Group

You work with lots of treasurers. What have you observed?

Treasurers need to cover all of their cash management needs: from day-to-day cash flow optimisation to modelling of cash flow budgets, projected financial statements, or even 5-year business plans. They need tools that provide traceability, security, and reliability for the information they work with.

You’ve expanded your line of software tools for treasurers: With Thétys, you were positioned in the TMS segment, and now you also cover cash flow and debt forecasting.

That’s right, our Thétys tool is a TMS (Treasury Management System) that provides treasurers with a complete platform of value-added services that combine productivity, security and traceability: daily bank reconciliations and cash pooling on the value date, management of investments and financing sources, monitoring of bank conditions and fees, secure payments, paper or electronic bank account management, and more.

With CashSolve, we address the needs of cash management and financing directors, but also those of CFOs and financial controllers. With these modelling and reporting solutions, they can forecast, simulate and analyse at many different time scales and levels of granularity: cash forecasting, financing needs, WCR, balance sheets, financing tables, and more. Automating the process of generating forecasts makes them a reliable source of structure and guidance for corporations.

You don’t have to choose just one OR the other of these solutions. They’re complementary: by combining them, you can optimise your daily cash flow management while also improving your control of your business’s cash performance.

You say that combining a TMS with a business tool is a good investment… but what kind of ROI can companies expect from it?

We see significant productivity gains: the time spent on preparing forecasts can now be measured in days instead of weeks.

There’s also a tangible improvement in business performance. Thanks to automation, treasurers can focus on what their work should really be about: managing and analysing the figures produced by the business, rather than dealing with repetitive tasks. That’s a non-trivial form of ROI in itself!

Finally, for the treasurers who use complex predictive models, modelling in Excel turns out to be two to three times more costly than using a specialised software tool, and with no guarantee of sustainability.

Customer feedback:

“Controlling our flows used to be a really tedious task, filled with time-consuming individual checks. With the Compliance module, all that work is now automated. In an environment where fraud is a growing concern, the module provides some serious peace of mind for the Treasurer and his team.”

Alexandre Gaudon, Chief Controller and Group Cash Flow Manager, LE GOUESSANT

“CashSolve is a fantastic tool with powerful calculation, analysis and reporting capabilities. We can easily modify our data for simulation purposes without having to struggle with Excel sheet errors.

The tool is well-known in the world of financial analysis, so it’s a source of confidence for our partners. We’re sure of our figures, which makes discussions and decision-making easier.”

Benjamin DEUTSCH, Chief Group Controller, Cook Up

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