ACA continues to grow with the intention of joining Cegid!

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ACA, expert in flow management and specialist in management processes.

ACA continues to grow with the intention of joining Cegid!

Press release

Paris, 17 March 2021 – The ACA Group, publisher of SaaS solutions and financial flows specialist, has always aimed to invest in growth and look to the future with enthusiasm.

It is now planning to join Cegid. This partnership will provide continuity and allow us to develop ACA solutions within Cegid, a recognised expert in management solutions for finance departments. The hundred or so ACA employees and Jean-Baptiste Auzou, Managing Director, will be delighted to join Cegid when the acquisition is finalised.

ACA is an independent software publisher that specialises in business cash flow management (Thétys and CashSolve), accounting and financial flow management (ISIE) and also has a management solution for the insurance industry (ASSUREX). The cash flow and cash management solutions (banking communication, cash flow management and forecasting, etc.) offered by ACA will complement Cegid’s solutions to provide a complete and unique service.

The ISIE solution for managing accounting and financial flows (audit trails, reconciliation and control of financial data) will allow Cegid to develop unique AI-based expertise for finance professionals.

Finally, ACA offers a management solution for the insurance industry (ASSUREX), an industry in which Cegid already operates. Cegid will therefore strengthen its position by completing its offer with a solution perfectly tailored to the issues facing this profession.

Thanks to its innovative SaaS solutions and the expertise of its staff who provide a very high level of service, ACA now publishes solutions recognised among finance departments that have already won over 350 prestigious clients across many industries.

‘ACA has always pre-empted the market and anticipated the needs of its clients, to whom we offer a complete service. We combine our clients’ functional scalability requirements with the guaranteed stability and robustness of our solutions. We look forward to joining. Cegid in the very near future to develop synergies and benefit from unrivalled expertise in the industry’, said Jean-Baptiste Auzou, Managing Director of ACA.

‘ACA has not only particularly innovative cloud solutions, but also teams of widely recognised experts in their field. We are eager to welcome this team of experienced professionals and ACA’s portfolio of solutions, which will soon be marketed to Cegid’s clients as a natural addition to their current solution’, said Pascal Houillon, CEO of Cegid.


About Cegid

Cegid is a key player in management solutions for accounting, tax, payroll and human resources, ERP and retail professionals. Building on its experience as a leader in SaaS management solutions, Cegid supports the digitalisation of businesses and public organisations. It combines a forward-looking and pragmatic view of business and the mastery of new technologies to provide useful and innovative solutions. With its unique regulatory expertise, Cegid makes a long-term commitment to its clients. In a world that is changing rapidly, it opens up new possibilities and allows each business to increase its added value. Cegid has 3,000 employees and sells its solutions in 75 countries. It achieved a sales revenue of €498m in 2020. Pascal Houillon joined Cegid in March 2017 and is its CEO.